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September 29, 2010


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Liz Hewer

Amazing, thankyou for your amazing support to a very special friend of mine I have known for over 30 years. Sure you will look after her and show her some amazing hospitality.XX

Catherine O'Sullivan

I cannot believe what you have done for her today. She will be over the moon and very overwhelmed by all the attention. Your badges have given Liz's friends an easy way to show that we support her. I wear mine attached to my work ID and speak about it often when people ask who it is and what it is for. Thank you so much. Look after her and make sure she doesn't wear herself out on day one! Catherine


And just think.............if Elizabeth had chosen the green hair instead of the purple she would never have become famous in the United States. We have all had so much fun just seeing how happy the "buttons" have made Elizabeth. I truly believe these little buttons have played a VERY LARGE part in her happiness and recovery. And, they have helped her to develop an amazing positive attitude. How could a winner like Elizabeth ever let a nasty little demon like cancer get her down. I have known (through facebook only) Elizabeth for well over a year now and her positive attitude has NEVER faltered - she has personally meant so much to me. What Elizabeth has done with these "badges" is absolutely amazing - with the generosity of Michael and the creativity of Elizabeth, there's a lot more money in the pot for more cancer research, etc in her area. Elizabeth has managed to take something extremely negative and turn it into something very positive and has made an impression on many many many people - especially the ones that didn't already know her. This story is indeed a fairy tale -- Elizabeth is winning her battle against cancer. I too am a fighter and a winner. She has been an inspiration to me! Go Elizabeth GO!!

Justin Armitage

Elizabeth has been in my life since around the age of 5 or so, she is such a wonderful friend and I cant imagine her not in my life, thank you all so much for becoming close friends with her and helping her stay positive. I look forward to meeting some of you next week when I have the pleasure of picking Liz up and bringing her to my home in Virginia. The badges are amazing, what you guys did for her flight was amazing, thanks you all for the love and support for Liz xxx

mike gibbons

Liz, Catherine, Wendy and Justin...its a curious thing when I make buttons (I make each and every button myself) especially like Liz where i make so many - I feel like i know the person - usually I am working with a picture that "defines" the person that one picture that IS the person - Liz's picture is like that her smile,her eyes and then to actaully meet her well --I knew her all along - we are all blessed to know Elizabeth Fallon...and she is blessed to have you!

Elizabeth Fallon

I am blessed with the most amazing support network of family and friends and reading these comments has just brought a tear to my eyes (just the one mind you!)
Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. With these Buttons and your love and support .. I just HAVE to win this battle! Xx

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I cannot believe what you have done for her these days. She will be over the celestial satellite and very confused by all the interest. Your badges have given Liz's buddies an simple way to demonstrate that we assistance her.

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