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September 03, 2011


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Many smart senior people (un-named because their companies are involved in this snake-oil sale) have confirmed this for me, saying "sentiment analysis software? don't bother"

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It's not our failures, but the way we react to them, that shows how good we are. You made the right decision.

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I just sent this post to a bunch of my friends as I agree with most of what you’re saying here and the way you’ve presented it is awesome.

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Lol, the orange teenage years! very funny! I am not looking forward to my girls in the oompa loompa stage but never anyway! I think your buttons of hope is a great way of fundraising and may have to pinch the idea and see if it could work in our school, although i can't see the quality being as high as yours if done by the kids but their parents will buy them anyway, parental love!

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