What is an Escape games?

An Escape game is an interactive Pc and Android games,solve puzzles and overcome challenges to unlock the final door of the adventure.

How old do you have to be to play?

The games are enjoyable for both adults and children. We have an unlimited hint system so if children are not playing with adults they may just have to ask for more hints if they are stuck.

How difficult are the puzzles?

you will recognize some puzzle styles and strategies.

When will you release a new game?

We plan to release new escape game every Tuesday and Thursday. Though we have a work schedule we can’t always predict the time. But we will release new escape game approximately 4.00 PM IST.

How do I download a game in mobile? 

Downloading games is perfectly legal via Google Play store Name "NSR Entertainment".

You just have to download them available on their official website www.NSRgames.com.