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At the push of a button a predefined message is sent to a specific group of contacts within seconds. The led light on the wireless button covertly confirms your request and triggers a flow-driven broadcast to voice, SMS, email or one of many other alerting options.

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Unique features

Silent alarm

Support call

Emergency button

Mobile alarm

Counting alarm

Take action in seconds
Case Study


An industrial tank malfunctions, releasing a toxic gas into the factory air.


Push the Button

A worker immediately pushes a wireless button.

00:00:01 sec


A green led light covertly flickers a few times to confirm that the signal was registered and the the preset safety procedures will be set in motion.

00:00:01 sec


Behind the ButtonĀ® immediately alerts the workers, medical emergency teams and management.

00:00:02 sec


Every worker receives a predefined message through SMS, e-mail or voice call.

00:00:08 sec


Every worker has made it out of the factory safely.

00:05:08 sec

Post care

Medical emergency teams arrive on the scene...

00:10:08 sec


Custom Buttons

Fully customisable buttons, also available in IP66 or IP67 weather resistance enclosures.

Easy Management

Easy online configuration and management of buttons, contacts and broadcasts.

Service Package

Comprehensive service package including buttons, your IoT subscription, 24/7 monitoring and support and the management portal.

Internet of Things devices

Supports visual and audio expansions such as sirens, connected IoT devices and more.

Compatible with Lora and SigFox

Behind the Button is compatible with both IoT networks, so as to ensure maximal coverage, quality, flexibility and custom solutions to meet the demands of our customers.

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